My Fated Dragon Prince

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Nell Rivers is an unlucky eighteen-year-old from Compton with an abusive stepfather, an alcoholic adopted mother, and a best friend who died a year ago. When she receives a letter from her birth parents about a magical world called Farhia, where she is really a magical phoenix destined to help them win a war, she dismisses it as a sick joke. But when she falls into Farhia in her dreams, it becomes hard to deny.

Nell is thrown headfirst into a whole new world. She meets Milo Drexel, the handsome, exiled Dragon Prince of the Realm of Darkness. She meets Archie, her unicorn familiar who claims to be the reincarnation of her best friend. And she meets Sir Kenton Crowley, the right hand to the Queen of Light who the entire world "expects" her to be with.

But which destiny should she choose - the path of the Light that is laid out for her, or the other, more complicated path that the handsome Dragon Prince of Darkness has shown her?



When he pulls away from me, he keeps his face close to mine. There's a small, devilish smile on his lips as he presses his forehead agat mine.

“You,” he whispers, chest rising and falling as rapidly as mine, “are fucking incredible.”

I’ve never heard him curse before, and it sends tingles of pleasure all the way to my toes. “Wh…” I can barely find control of my vocal chords, I’m so aroused. “What changed?”

The devilish expression doesn’t leave his eyes, even when his hands release me. “I lost my ability to resist you.”


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