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spin off of Love me like I do so please before reading this read the first book ,
thank you .

Every story has a Villain or vamp who tries their best to ruin life or relationship of hero or herione . after Hero and Herione gets their happy ending no one thinks about bad people .

well this is the story of that particular bad person....

Bella Hunter wanted one thing in life "LOVE" but her obsession about love made everyone hate her .She did every crime and ruined someone life completely.
Her mother hates her , her love of life Blake hates her , she hates everyone and everyone hates her .

after coming in contact with a mafia in the jail, she makes a deal to with the mafia man to get her out of the jail only to realise that she got into deeper trouble.

a past and her own crime haunting her , she realised she is doomed, she thinks no one can forgive her no one.

but what happen when she pretend to be someone wife in desperation a man who completely different from her, He is gentle ,caring , sweet and is not mean at all like Bella.

Bella is full of hatred yet Bashir is full of positivity.

after so many sins she has done in her life .

will life give her another chance to mend ?

What happen , when Bashir get to know the dark and horrible past about Bella will he forgive her ?

join the journey of Bella Hunter who seems to always walk on evil path who is vamp of her family story .


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No expectations

Bella p.o.v

I couldn't all slept night thinking about what I am going to do now... It's feel like I am getting trap with every step I take forward . My life is not in my control anymore . I feeling like a puppet doing what someone is making me to do .

It's Saturday Amira doesn't have school today , ……