McDreamy Romance

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At the age of 18, Romaisa Shaw wanted to complete her studies and live a prospering life. Unfortunately for her, She catches the eye of the Hunter, The devil himself.

In a swift motion, he was standing in front me, I screamed in fear and unconsciously tried to run past him but he grabbed my hair, pulling me back, I yelped in pain and my back collided with his front.

"PLEASE....I BEG YOU JUST LEAVE ME." I started punching him and running away from him but his strong arms never left my waist. Suddenly he whispered in my ear.

"You have only o fu.cking choices, Tesoro. Either you sign this marriage contract with me OR I can take you with me and have my way with you, and then sell you at one of my brothels, Where you will be a fu.cking slave for the rest of your life,"

I was dreadful.

He backed away and threw some papers towards me.

"Pick it up," he said in a stern tone.

I stood there motionlessly processing whatever he said.

"ARE YOU DEAF," He yelled and I flinched. He was giving me a hard glare indicating me to do what he said. I picked up the papers and saw them. They looked like some marriage certificate.


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