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The world is not as peace as it used to be. The gate of hell have been open and monster start to poured out from the gate.

Scarlett Drachen code name 'The Slayer'. Never leave anything alive when she done with the mission. She only work alone and that's her style. No one really know how 'The Slayer' looks like because in their eyes Scarlett is a nobody that got lucky with the entrance exam and a failure. She don't like to interact with other and no one has saw her taking any mission. They all thought that 'The Slayer' is a man, never a19 years old girl.

She is one of the agents in 'Black Op'. This agency is place where there a chance for you to lose your life if you messed up the mission. This agency keep monsters from destroying the world.

But suddenly she was likely being order to be in a team that have 5 boys and being their teammate.

What will happen with Scarlett's live when she have to live at the same roof as those boys? Will Scarlett told them about her code name?


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Scarlett's POV

We continued to eat our breakfast after the reintroduction. "What happened after I passed out yesterday?" I asked no one in particular.

"Director Rei told us about yo-" before Shawn can answer me, a pancake came flying at Shawn. Shawn removed the pancake. "Hey, why did you do that?" he glared at Hunter "I was ab……