Tears of sorrow


Thea Oliva others

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"The moment you think of giving up,Think about the reason why you held on so long" That's what i thought, But what if I'm tired....what if that one person who gave strength disappears all of a sudden?Should you continue fighting or just also leave everything behind....


Tags: love-trianglepossessivesexfateddramatragedytwistedsweethumorouslightheartedYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest ⅡWerewolf/Billionaire LGBT+ Writing Contest ⅡStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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Episode 1

A loud knock woke me up from a nap "Annalise wake up!!Make me some breakfast you brat" I sighed and stood up to put my hair into a ponytail and fixes myself 

Why can't she make her own breakfast? "Coming mom" I heard no response 

Sleepy, I got out from my room and go straight towards the Kitchen when I noticed a man on the ……