The Gauntlet

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Codi James is a chronic underachiever. A straight C student, her life is going nowhere. Causing havoc at yet another school it looks like she's heading for another expulsion, until one teacher decides to call in a favour from an old friend. Codi is sent to the one place where her aggression might do her some good.

Joining the underdeveloped Brax-Delta training academy, Codi is set on the long, bruising path to compete as a champion in the Gauntlet Tournament. Thrown together with a team of other misfits and under the tutorage of a frustrated veteran, she has one chance left to prove that she's more than just a struggling orphan.

Never underestimate a desperate person.


Tags: ActionRevengeSci-FiSuspenseThriller
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Chapter 30 - Paths

The only way she could describe the décor of the room was clinical. The walls had a too-clean shine and a single light disc in the ceiling glowed with a vibrant electric blue. Even the chair she sat in didn't feel right. It was hard, unyielding; designed for nothing but functionality. Beside her Vasco, for the first time in the whole venture, lo……