My Addiction


Hari Fantasy

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"Jay how can you do this to me. We where in relation for five year yet you cheated on me with my cousin Lilly". -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sarah a 25 year old girl working as a manager in one of the top company in India. She was a strong girl with will power to achieve her goals. One day suddenly her boyfriend came and broke up with her. She was broken at that moment but instead of crying she stood strong for herself.

Lucifer CEO of Babel company a multimillionaire. Has attended India for some work and saw Sarah and was attracted to her green eyes. As he investigated about her, he was so shocked to know her secrets. As time goes on he was so possessive about her and he wanted to make her his and only his. And know she became his addiction.


Tags: billionaireBDSMpossessivedominantgoodgirltwistedbxgsecretssex clubaddictionYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest ⅡStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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Sarah POV

Jessy? what are you doing hear? I've finally got a chance to take you away from that place. When I heard her I was happy I thought Neha or Leo should have send her to free me from Lucifer's cage. What she said was completely shocking. "Now I wont allow you to take away what is mine. And I'll make sure that not……