Rent a christian boyfriend

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She is just a good girl trying to impress her parents.

He is a bad boy who only joined this website so he could get a couple of bucks. He has tattoos, a bad attitude, smokes, has no care in the world and has a horrible past back in England.

He can't stand her because she is a little spoiled brat who listens to everything her parents tell her. She can't stand him because of his mockery and stupid sarcastic comments. It's hard to hate someone who has a panty dropping smile, someone who awakes all your sexual desires, someone who changes you into the best version of yourself. Live your life like everyday is the last and one day you will be right.


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don't care how much it will cost my phone bill, I'm calling you right now! 

- Laura.

Leona immediately groaned when her phone started ringing. "...Hey!"

"I'm not going to allow him to play you for a fool. I will give you the honest truth. If you're still blinded by love and his charming……