Rayna Queen

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I remember the first time I saw her. She was a candle illuminating a pitch black room.
I remember staring into her moon like eyes and realising that she was mine.
I don't know which was excitement or my fear, but I knew that she was mine and no one was going to stop me from claiming my Rayna.


Tate was a young alpha who didn't really care much for a mate but what happens when one glorious day he suddenly lays eyes on her... Rayna Queen

From the Author of The Gangleaders Daughter and The Gangleaders Son.

His Angel Mate



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Khurana Industries, Monday-12 pm.

everyone on this floor, mainly the executive department people, were running like their back was on fire. they were doing their work more attentively than usual. There was a thick tension in the ambience and could be cut with knives.  

"Get out and do it again..."A……