Chased By The Light

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Aubrey Miller is an 18-year-old that has just started college. She is a confident and feisty young woman, who knows exactly what she wants from life. She has it all planned out, study hard and play hard, but she didn't plan on falling in love. In fact, she did everything she could to avoid any serious feelings.

After a messy breakup, the last thing she wanted was another longterm relationship. Hell-bent on having fun, she parties hard and begins attracting attention. But after catching the eye of the colleges resident bad boy Chase Walker, regular guys begin avoiding her advances.

At first, Aubrey doesn't understand why guys keep running away from her, and her confidence takes a hit. The only guy who shows her any attention is Chase, but Aubrey isn't interested in another bad boy. A potential lover then informs her that Chase had laid claim to her.

Aubrey has rejected all of Chases advances, she knows that he is trouble, and the last thing she needs is another self-absorbed playboy sucking her in, making her fall in love, and then breaking her heart. But he is persistent and before long she finds herself fantasising about him.

When Chase suddenly vanishes from the college, Aubrey finally admits to herself that she has fallen for his bad-boy charms. She finds herself missing him, and when the ordinary guys begin showing her attention again, she finds herself comparing all of them to Chase, and none of them even come close.

At a drunken party, Aubrey passes out. When she awakes, she is shocked to be in Chase's bed. Confused, she tries to sneak out of the frat house, but is frozen solid when she is confronted by a pack of wolves and an extremely naked Chase.


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It had been 2 weeks since Jesse died, and it still hurt just as much as the day that Chase told me about the accident. I know I didn't know him for long but we had such a strong connection. I had stupidly been dreaming up a future with the guy, and had even given him virginity, and then he dies, like what the hell? How can the universe be so cru……