Taunting My Mate


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Jona is the alpha of the BlueMoon pack. He has been known to kill unsuspecting wolves who step one paw in his territory. His pack has been feared for centuries, ever since the "accident" between the BlueMoon pack and Everest Pack.
Ren is your average girl, except she is a werewolf.. and not a very pretty one at that. Most of the girls in her pack look like models. Ren doesn't... She looks more like your average girl next door. Ren lives in the Amythest pack, a sister pack to the Everest pack.
But when the two meet, Ren is instantly drawn to Jona; And Jona to her. But it's not like she wants a mate. Mates are SO overrated. Ren decided long ago; she would not find a mate and sleep with whomever she wished.
But when Ren get kidnapped will jona realize his feelings and go save her?


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Chapter 3: The Ex-WolfFriend..

    Adette nodded her head at her son before taking Ren's hand.

"honey if you need to go get clothes I can send Sage and Perri with you to get some."

"That would be great thank you!" Ren gushed.

Adette gave jona a stern look as if to tell him to get the two girls.

Jona grumbled but walked off to g……