Unsung Desire (Book 1)

Darla Tverdohleb Fantasy

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Book 1

A little and weak girl grows up into a strong woman in disguise as a man.


At ten, Sertti became the last Dihn of Yahrezur, a kingdom that was destroyed from the ide out. Her family was slaughtered and she was left for dead in the cold.

Now at enty, Sertti vows to make those murderers pay and rebuild her lost Yahrezur kingdom from the ground up. But will she be able to do it if she has a debt to pay and a prince that's bent on keeping her by his side? After all, Prince Braizen is someone that her body yearns for and no one else... Noheless, she has to deny herself as she believes neither of them deserves each other...


“Oh, my lovely Little Tti. You’ve no idea I always dreamed of making love to you, night and day…” he whispered before his tongue made circles around the other peak, blowing it before sucking it. His wet and hot mouth was definitely driving me crazy. The tingling sensation whenever it moved on my skin and suckled my flesh was plain sweet t*****e that I wouldn’t want to ever end.


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