Naughty Assassin (R18+)


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Blythe Mayre Devina is a born killer, an assassin---a seductress. It was during one of her missions, an event that changed her life.

It was a one night experience that made Blythe addicted. Her desire for more was a mistake, staying meant death but she never wanted to leave.

She'd gone attached to a life she's not supposed to live.

But everyone deserves a chance right?

A chance to live,

A chance to love.

A chance for Lust.

[∆This is a filipino ero-romance story. Expect explicit language and matured scenes.∆]


Tags: sexone-night standdominantmafiadramabxgseriouscityseductivefast and rough
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Chapter 12


My next mission was not assigned by my empire, nor did the Constello's asked me to. It is rather a very personal quest I had assigned myself to.

"Target acquired." I aimed my gun, hiding amongst the ceiling I point my gun at him before preparing to shoot.

I was……