The Onyx Of Yore


Greyworrld Fantasy

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Even that day too, I felt like I was living in a trance. The fact that the blood on the floor was my own, the pain in every nerve, it didn't feel like it really belonged to me. As I bled out, I began to regret it. That I jumped out to be hit by a car instead of them. It wasn't fair. They were drunk, I was sober but because they were my friends, I tried to save them.
Why do I have to die? Why me? Why is life Unfair?!
You know, I thought I would pass on to the underworld after that but I was denied entry in there too.
Not even the sight of luxurious red velvet curtains above my eyes, the endless rows of weapons on the walls, and the servant on wait could stop me from cursing this new reality I've been thrust in. You wanna know why?!
It's that blasted feeling that I've forgotten something that haunted my life that still prevailed till this world.
Jeremy was the designated sober friend on the day all his friends decided to go to the bar for the first time. He didn't want to drink so it was alright. But herding three drunk friends was hard. Eventually, he was blindsided and in an attempt to rescue the three drunk friends, he was killed by a car that lost control.
Transported to another world, Jeremy isn't too happy. He enters the body of a young prince that had died of poison, a recent orphan whose was obligated to take the throne. Atop of that, he discovers in this world, there was magic and people born with certain gems were able to use magic.
The prince was born with the magical tone Onyx but it was a sign of bad luck and that was exactly the fate of the young prince that led him to his death.
Jeremy, now Prince Ketri, has to survive this magical world and discover why there was something familiar about the world he has been thrust into.


Tags: adventurereincarnation/transmigrationmysteryqueerstraightambitiouswittymagemagical worldasexualStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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