His Lost Bride

Eliza Tom Romance

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"True love doesn't mean being eparable;
it means being separated and nothing changes"

She had so many bitter experiences in her life but she refused to give up. When she yearned to, fate didn’t consent her to give in. Every person has their cross to carry but the strength to hold on is not an easy task.

Meet Sarah Brown, a smart-looking office intern, and Chris Daniels, a dashing Fortune 500 CEO. It was said their destinies were intersected even before they met. The question remain how and why.

Unaware of how red-strings had woven their paths; will these youngsters find their happiness or fate will be hell-bound to keep them miserable all their life long?

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he was slowly walking towards me with caution trying not to scare me anymore than he already had done. each step he took towards me the faster my heart went out of fear of what he would do to me and that caused my gunshot wound to bleed more.

"calm down Dixie your fine i'm not going to do anything trust me i just want to help with your wou……