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A Supernatural Story

Jolovee Ghyline Garcia Paranormal

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Deanna Amber and Jonesy Clayne are both in a circle of friends called Even7. They were friends since day one of their first year in college. Deanna developed a crush on Jonesy but too bad, Jonesy already has a girlfriend which also a member of Even7.

When summer vacation came, Jonesy had a car accident and in a state of coma. Deanna, having the abilities to see the dead and strayed souls, sees Jonesy's soul while he is in coma. The two developed a deeper friendship and learned about each other more. Deanna's feelings for Jonesy gone deeper as they share a bond but she's wondering if Jonesy feels the same way for he is only a lost soul. Another reason is he is already in a relationship with his high school girlfriend.

Could they be lovers and more than friends? Or would Deanna just forget and let go of her feelings for Jonesy?


Tags: love-trianglefriends to loversstudentbxg
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