When The Light Meets The Dark (LGBT+)

Samontha_kisses LGBT+

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Lycans and Werewolves have never been mated together until Jamie and Peyton, a forbidden love some might say. There species not getting along with each other is already a problem when they're both the leaders of Lycans and Werewolves respectively.But what if they're sexual preferences is the opposite of they're mate.Jamie wants to be a boy while Peyton wants to be a girl.This could be something to easily bypass when Peyton still likes girls but so does Jamie.Join Peyton and Jami as they try to work things out beeen both species and themselves while also trying to maneuver through the sinkholes and mounta they meet along the way, As they deal with a pack of rogue Lycans and Were and a little surprise from the Gallows where imprisoned Wolves and Lycans are kept when a long lost relative of Jamie has been waiting and planing to take back what he claims to be his.

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Long ago, sex was the most natural thing in the world. Sex, nudity, the passion of being with someone you care for was so overwhelming that it didn't matter who saw. Or who was apart of it. The greeks worshipped each other bodies like art and wine and sex was the natural response. 

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