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Andi and Zac were very good friends. They grew up together. They are each other’s playmates and each other’s protector. But when they reach middle school, Andi falls for her best friend. But after seeing how Zac acted so cold and rejected all the girls that show interest in him, Andi decided to keep it for herself. Zac became the campus crush at their school because of his charm and charisma, and always being at the top. He’s the total epitome of beauty and brains. But after his parents filed a divorce, Zac became a loner, cold, and snob person. He rarely got friends at school. Luckily, Andi didn’t stop being his friend. She accompanies him at school even if Zac intently leaves her behind. She walked with him even if Zac is so fast and quick to take his steps. She eats with him during lunch even if Zac won’t talk to her and will just ignore her. She always followed him wherever Zac will go. That’s how Andi likes Zac that despite not getting a positive response, she doesn’t stop show kindness and special care to his best friend because she always believed that Zac is just waiting for her and the perfect timing for their love story. But even before their love blossom, something unexpected happens. A twist in their love story sets them apart. A distance that gives a chance to entertain other suitors. With rivalry going on, will Zac finally realize his true feelings for his best friend? With the tension brought by college life and pursuing a career in the future, will their love have still a second chance? Or will they forgive each other and remained as friends?


Tags: friends to loversdramasweetbxggeniushighschoolchildhood crushclassmatesYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest ⅡStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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One of the best lessons I learned in life is that no matter how many stops, turns, or detours may come, you will always bound to come back where your heart is.  That’s how life works—what’s meant to be will always happen in the end. In my life, I tried to run away not because I don’t love him anymore but because I loved……


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