Ruining Rune


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Sometimes, that surreal space between reality and the only place fate can find us.

Samuel Velasquez couldn't concentrate to save his life, or dissertation. He stared across the library at Rune, the woman who'd been turning his universe upside down for what felt like lifetimes, without so much as an introduction.

Was it really her?

But she seemed so indifferent?

He watched as she searched the shelves. Her slight, but strong frame moved with grace, but the way her fingers trailed over the spines of the she was caressing them in a sensual, otherworldly way... he would die to feel those small hands trailing over his skin in adoration, the way she adored those damned books.

The familiar, painful hardness in his jeans raged...driving him toward executing his plan. God, how he wanted to just stride up behind her and wrap his arms around her...feel her curves in his hands...breathe in her scent..pull those damn pins from her hair and see it cascade down her body...kiss the back of her neck and whisper in her ear that she belongs to no uncertain terms.

It had to be her...he could feel it. He'd know those eyes as green as mountains, anywhere. They had only haunted and taunted him in his dreams, for over a decade, now.

A barely audible growl escaped his lips. "Calm down, Sam", he muttered to himself, trying to get his body to cooperate and let him get up from the table.

It's time, he thought to himself. She's mine.

**This story takes a bit to warm up, but it gets REALLY HOT**


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