Playing The Player

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Jordan Walker was not a goody two shoes, nerdy or shy. She was loud, a troublemaker and has a hot body with a very attractive face, but under that bright smile is a girl with hidden secrets and destruction.

Pioneer High School's player, Daniel Johnson was a heart breaker, man-whore and treats girls like a piece of garbage for his own pleasure, but that's all about to change.

Jordan was a new student, which caught the popular crew's attention immediately especially Daniel's. When Daniel saw her, he planned to get her and use her as his own toy then dump her, but not without making her fall in love with him first of course, or will she?

Jordan was a girl who doesn't fall for easily at the sight of hot guys, she already got first hand experience and use that to her advantage. She knows what player likes and what they do to get girls, time to put this knowledge to the test.

"how does it feel to have the table turned?" I smirked at him.

"b-but I.. how?"

This isn't a love story, this is war, the downfall of the player. Let's see what happens when the player gets played at his own game and the table is turned.


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Bonus Chapter

** Jordan & Daniel*** (If they did ended up together)

This will be kind of different from the Epilogue 

**4 years later**

(A/N: Jordan is 22 years)

"I can't believe we'll be graduating soon then you'll be off to medical school", Madison said.

"Yeah it just seems like yesterday w……