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Stephanie Davids Romance

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Sebastian, the bastard son of the Duke of Kent, is the most dangerous and seductive bachelor in the entire London. After his father's demise, he discovers if he does not wed, the title of Duke would be handed to his treacherous cousin, George. Despite swearing to never wed, he is forced into an arranged marriage to the viscount of Edinburgh's nineteen year old daughter, Abigail. He treats her like a complete slave
and abuses her while he sleeps with his mistress in the same house. But woe to any man he finds an inch close to her.


Tags: possessivesexone-night standHEforcedarranged marriagedominantroyalty/noblebxgroyalStary Writing Academy II
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Thirty five

                    Abigail glided down the stairs from her room. Renée and Bernard were right behind her. She was worried. Who could this visitor be? Perhaps it was Aunt Carol. Oh no, there was no way it could be her. It was too soon. And even if she had returned, Bernard why was so disheveled. ……