Betrayed By The Billionaire's Son.


Victoria Clement Romance

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Sandra, a young genius teen from a low-class home, aims to focus on nothing but exceeding in her grades, go to college and find the job of her dreams. Relationships and boys were never her priority no matter how hard her two best friends, Bella and Pearl convince her as she promise herself to stick to her words.
But what happens when an everyday dream changes her life?

Will she restrains the charms of young handsome Danny who happens to be the son of a wealthy billionaire?

How long will Sandra take to acknowledge that she has fallen deeply in love with him?

But what happens when life takes a drastic turn in their love story when Sandra found out that Danny never loved her?

Will she get drawn into her sorrow because of her low-class status and broken heart or will she prove Danny wrong thereby making him realize what he has lost?

This is a story filled with love, lust, pain, betrayal, romance, and success.
A great romance book filled with lessons that no romance lover will want to miss, a captivating book that will get you addicted to every word.


Tags: billionairefatedfriends to loversgoodgirltwistedgeniusfemale leadhigh-tech worldweak to strongnaive
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Chapter 22

Sandra (P.O.V).

Dan and I walked out of the restaurant into the cold air of the night. Hand in hand, we strolled towards the parking lot in total silence, his hand wrapped around mine.

Dan opened his car and gestured me to sit. I sat quietly not sayings words as I watched him walk to the other side and enter into the d……


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