His Innocent Wife (✔️)

Priyanka Rajput Romance

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"You know what I am not interested in you, and I don't accept this marriage" said Abeer in an irritating tone.
"You are not my type of girl, Maybe you are a perfect daughter in law but you never be a perfect wife at least for me" after saying this he went towards the washroom.

'My heartbeat stops' after hearing his words, how could he just say this to me.
He is not interested in me and in this marriage, then why does he agree to Marry me?.
He could have refused this marriage.

'Oh God! Now what will I do' I said to myself and decided to show him that, even I fucking don't care. If he is interested in me or not.

A 23 years young girl with a beautiful face, heart and as well as the soul.
Piya rajput a daughter of a very reputed family of a city. Married to a heartless billionaire (her Perfect husband in her dreams).

Abeer rajput 25 years old billionaire who loves his family a lot, and decided to marry a girl selected by his parents.
He is tall, handsome, hot and he has a very attractive personality, And a charming face too. He is a playboy who loves to play with women.

What will happen when he will realise how perfect his wife is for him. will he able to win her heart back after broke it completely.

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Tags: BillionaireLove-trianglePossessiveRapeFamilyLove after MarriageHinduForcedPregnantArranged MarriagePlayboyArrogantDramaSweet
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Author's Note

Hello everyone.... ♥

My name is priyanka rajput and this is my first story. I am really thankful of all my lovely readers . You guys really supported me a lot. Thanku so much for liking my story.  Thanku so much for loving it. And sorry to all those readers who find difficulties while reading my story. 

Because of my gramma……