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For centuries, Lucius has gained the reputation as the best whisperer. He is known for taking more souls to the Crossroads than any other of his kind. Recently, he has been feeling a severe case of ennui. The job no longer held any thrill.

After he convinces a boy to enact a school shooting against his bullies before turning the gun on himself, Lucius reaches his limit. A teleportation mishap lands him an hour away from home without hope of replenishing the energy he needs to live. Close to death, he is saved by a human named Karina—his fiery-haired angel.

Out of curiosity, he follows her, intending only to observe her life. That is until she is in danger. Unable to watch her die, Lucius saves her. They soon form a bond that helps Lucius realize he may have underestimated humans and their capacity for love. Just as he begins recognizing his feelings for Karina he discovers that she is not human after all but a redeemer whose task is to steer humans away from the path suicide whisperers have led them on.

In this twist on a star-crossed lovers tale, Lucius is torn between who he is and the creature who has shown him there is more to life than just being a suicide whisperer. For love, will Lucius choose to turn away from what he’s known since his creation? Or is redemption for the best of whisperers merely a pipedream?


Tags: ParanormalAlphaDarkSexOpposites AttractBadboyStudentSuperheroDramaTragedy
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Lucius lounged on a yellow picnic blanket embroidered with white feathers. A crystal clear lake shined a few yards away. On his side, one knee akimbo, he leaned on his elbow, popping a seedless grape into his mouth. He bit down and savored the burst of sweetness on his tongue. Once he swallowed, he picked up a cube of cheese by its toothpick ske……