Enslaved By The Alpha

LaurG Paranormal

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He f****d me to watch as he fucked another woman right there in front of me , he did it because he wanted to hurt me , wanted to make me feel pain … he knew it would hurt , knew it would kill me ide to see him with another woman , for the heartless Alpha Kane was none other than my very own mate … but he did it anyway , for pain was all he wanted me to ever feel .
Alpha Kane had one thing and one thing only on his to do list and that was to find the person responsible for his father Alpha Eric's death . When he had gotten all the information he needed , he had set his plan in motion , he was going to kidnap King Jeremy's daughter and make her his slave until he finally killed her and let her family experience the same pain he felt after losing his father . What he hadn't expected to find out however was that the woman he had planned to kidnap and kill was his very own mate !
The Alpha Prince and His Bride Book 4 (Stand Alone Novel )


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