The Abandoned Wife

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Fay Blake never would have thought her husband would divorce her after the way he had relentlessly pursued her when they were in college.
She devoted her whole life to the family, however, her husband still left her for another woman.
With no warning, her world suddenly turned upside down. well, Things happened, now what she can do? struggle to regain her husband’s affections or leave the one who cheated on her to find true love?
On the same day she divorced with her ex, another man broke into her world suddenly.
Thank you for leaving me, so I can become a better one.
The very hero is Brent. They first met each other in the elevator.


Tags: BillionaireSecond ChanceArrogantBossDramaTwistedBxG
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Chapter 45: Growing old together



   Henry was very surprised, he had planed to the banquet market with Molly. He covered the phone and asked Molly: “she wanted to see me at once, how do you think?”

Molly agreed gladly, the earlier, the better, they could go to the banquet market at anytime.

So Henry replied: “okay, let’s meet in the coffee……