The Millionaire's Goofball

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Vasilissa Sinclair has all of the qualities that the world finds inappropriate when picturing the wife-to-be of the world's sexiest man. Christian Monochero is known to be put together and pristine, perfect for his image as a well-
respected actor and businessman, so when he announces to the public that he's been having a secret relationship with a woman who is anything but immaculate in social regards, the fans of
everyone's favorite star are not happy to say the least. Neither is his family. With people trying to
break them up at every turn, will their relationship be able to withstand the storm?


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Chapter 66: Epilogue

Two years later

"Get back here riddles!" Christian yells running after Astrid who toddles down the hall giggling. 
He started calling her that ever since she started watching TV and repeating comedy jokes that
she doesn't quite understand, but knows enough about the fact that it makes people laugh. 
"No daddy!"
Ah. No. That's ……