Her Only Hope (Complete)


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Corina has had an awful introduction into adulthood. After her family dies, she went to live with an uncle who abused her daily. Her one hope was meeting her mate and hoping he could take her away from it all. Unfortunately for her, her uncle has other plans. Life has other plans and her mate may not be who she thinks. Who is she to trust? How does she move forward once the abuse she has suffered is made knowledge to all of the pack

"Sit Corina. Look. I made your uncle rogue as you know, but I didn’t really think about what you would want to do. Obviously you can stay here. I hope that is clear. If you want to return to your old pack, as you’re about of age, I can talk to your old alpha.You don’t strike me as someone who would want to be rogue..” He trails off. Luna Char looks at me, alarmed. I shake my head no. “Honey what would you like to do?” Luna Char ask. “I want to stay. At least until I meet my mate. “ I answer quietly. “Ok. OK. Are you ok to stay in that house or would you like to switch out? There is an empty cabin. Or Maybe you’d like a roommate. I’m sure one of the ladies from the domestic class would love to get a taste of freedom.” They both looked relieved with my answer. “I’ll ask Mari if maybe she would like to move in.” I inform them. “Good. Alpha Zander smiles. “We noticed some uh damage and there are some guys fixing that up. You can go back home tomorrow. Stay here tonight. I would also like the pack doctor to look you over. You know the claiming is coming in a few weeks right after your birthday. Do you plan to participate.” Do I plan to participate? Is he out of his damn mind? All I have wanted for years is to meet my mate. The claiming is the best place to do so. Of course I’m going. My wolf snorts her support. I just nod to acknowledge the alpha. I can’t believe he asked such a silly question.

Will she participate and meet her destined mate or will she shrink back into her role of abused and defenseless. What will make her move on and realize she is as special as everyone else?


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