Passionate Love Affair

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“Am sorry Camilla! We both know we were not supposed to fall in love! I have a fiancé and she’s a good woman who deserves the best” Nick said to Camilla
“Am sorry! I know it was just a secret affair but I fell hard! I fell in love with you! Even when I knew that you were with someone else, I fell for you. I will walk out of your life and I wish you the very best” Camilla said to Nick as tears rolled from her eyes
Nick looked at where she was going! He never wanted all this to happen! It was supposed to be a way of them just fulfilling their sexual desires!!


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Chapter 22 : His getting married

Nikolas’ POV

Some months ago, I was in my office when I received a call from one of my friends who I had told about Camilla, he asked me to turn on the TV which I did.

I watched for a few minutes not sure what he wanted me to see. After a few minutes I watched Camilla giving a speech about her new position. I had my ph……