When Worlds Collide

fissaoirse Fantasy

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Lucas is not an ordinary guy. Being abandoned at an early age, he suffered a lot with his uncle. At soon as he turned 12 years old, he decided to live alone and far away from his uncle who always hurt him. At an
unexpected time where he was supposed to die already, he met a girl
named Chan who saved him from his death. Chan, on the other hand
is not an ordinary girl as well. She keeps on dreaming about events what were suppose to happen in the future and often dream of an unfamiliar person's death. Because of this, fate brought them towards each another, they also got to know each other deeply; discovering events from their past which tie them together.


Tags: CampusKarma/DestinyGoodgirlGentleChildhood CrushDramaTragedyComedySweetBxG
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