A Hidden Kindness


Rooms Suspense/Thriller

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Irina Lockwood's life is being surrounded by guns and blood. Her mafia business is the biggest in New York. Irina finds out that a group of gangs were about to take her gang down and wants to kill her. Step by step she reached to the rival gang whose boss was none other the handsome hunk named Jared Young aka Jay. When they were being asked to live together by the mayor of the town, he started to like her... have feelings for her. Jay kissed Irina in the dark and ever since then, none of them were forgetting about the kiss and they haven't seen each other's faces. Another rival gang leader named Rayna Cruz was the biggest bitch of all. When Irina and Rayna got to face each other, they faced some serious troubles and the secrets which were unleashed by them.


Tags: murderrevengebadboybadgirlbossmafiagangsterdramabxgfeminism
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Author's note

Hi, guys, this is Rooms. So this story comes to an end with all your love. As this is my first story here and I didn't know how to write a proper story and I've made some silly mistakes also. I contacted the editor of this app and they told me they will not sign my story as it's more like a movie script and I guess they are absolutely right. I t……