Married to the ex player (Sequel to the millionaire player)

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*SEQUEL: To the millionaire player has met his match*

Grayson and Alexa are now married, starting their new life together and gave up their old ways of random hooks up and refusing to give their hearts, giving all that up for each other. They have both changed for the best, but not everything has changed...the passion is still burning like fire between them, only this time is comes from love.

Though just cause they are in love and married it don't mean things are gonna be easy for them, but nothing worth it is ever easy. Will they be able to make it through together or will their past mistakes catch up with them?

Follow their journey as they start the new chapter of their life together. It will be filled with love, passion, games, drama, heartache and possible tears.


Tags: PossessiveSexFamilyLove after MarriagePregnantArrogantDominantGentleSensitiveDramaSweetBxG
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Isla-Hope Rhodes

Alexa’s P.O.V

“Nearly there sweetie, one more push.” The Midwife said as she stood at the bottom of my bed

“You said that half an hour ago.” I snapped at her

I never meant to but I have been in labor for over twenty hours and I had to more energy left. Grayson was next to me, holding my hand and trying to encourage me. He was……