Scattered Dreams (Book 4 of the Blue Moon Series)

Ambernique Leggett Paranormal

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Giovanni Stone thought that he'd found his mate at the age of eighteen, but more than six years later, he realized that it was all a lie, and Sasha, the woman who was once his entire universe, was just a manipulative, self-obsessed, stalker. With the help of his Blue Moon family, he sets off on a journey of self-discovery, filled with hidden landmines intended to pull him back into a isted world riddled with dark magic and deceit. Gio just wants to start his life with his destined love, but Sasha wants to keep what she feels is hers and hers alone; forever. How far will she go to make him hers? Will she ever let go and move on? How many lives will she destroy to achieve her goal, and will Gio be strong enough to withstand her tricks and games? Once the dreams have been unscattered, and the truth revealed, no one would ever be the same.


Tags: love-trianglesexdramabxgwerewolvescaptainpackbetrayalliessupernatural
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