The Glastonbury Witches Academy


JJS Paranormal

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Kasy, Dawn, Jo, Eloise and Layla are just coming into their powers at 18. They break the rules, fall in love with the bad boy hybrids. The vampire's are scary and they fight off werewolf jealous girlfriends and have a blast at the Academy learning how to navigate the super power high school!
These girls are full of power and they know how to use it. Don't let their pretty faces fool you, they pack a punch.
When they all join together they are unbeatable.

But the Mage Jonah is the worst, born of the power house spirit too, he hates Kasy and she hates him just as much back!
Jonah - having Kasy fighting him has become an everyday occurrence one that he's starting to enjoy.
When he's asked to betray her, he doesn't want too, but wil he have too?
Becoming full coven sisters, growing into their powers and realising they are not just normal everyday Witches.
Kasy and the coven sisters #StarywritingAcademy

Happy reading JJS


Tags: kickass heroinebxgkickingdeityfemale leadsmall townfirst lovesuperpowerwitchcraftsassy
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“DANTE!”  I shout for him, but my voice rebounds of walls. I’m completely alone. There is no one here wit……


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