Alpha's Hybrid Mate


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Alpha Liam Stanford- High Alpha of the largest and strongest pack in both North and South American continent. At the age of 28 , he hasn't found his mate yet. He's a player and he's losing his hope in finding her. That was until Camilla Castillejo came to town.

Camilla Castillejo- the new girl in town. Unknown to everyone, she's not new in town. She lived in that town way before the wolf pack resided there. the truth is, she's a 900 year old vampire, but a pure blood vampire-lycan hybrid. The strongest of her kind.

Now that Camilla and Liam found each other , will they be happy? What if threats arises and come between them?


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Third Person POV

5 years later.

A lot has happened since the day Camilla gave the pack and coven their gifts. And since the rise of the royals, there were fewer wars between packs, rogues, other packs and vampires.

Vampires now follow a strict rule that forbid them to kill when they feed. Animal blood is also an option.