Forgetting Her Mafia Lover

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"You're not behaving yourself again," croaked a deep voice behind the woman. The woman's heart contracted, and she stood silent, her eyes wide and round

The man paces over to the woman and tugs at her.

'You want to die, do you? There was a faint trace of anger in his voice.

"Gaea, you shouldn't provoke me," the woman was picked up horizontally by the man, a throw on the bed, just been the rain hit the clothes slightly wet, long black hair is constantly dripping water, the woman's white dress is torn.

A man stood up, heavy head into the deepest part of the woman, mixed with the sound of rain outside the window issued a "patter" of licentious sound.

"Gaea, I love you." the man sighed contentedly.

As if her voice had suddenly gone, she could only watch him tear up her dress, crush his powerful body, and squeeze herself firmly into the mattress without any foreplay. As he moved up and down, the woman's back hit the board at the head of the bed again and again, and there was a "crunch" and a shameful sound on the solid bed.


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