Forgetting Her Mafia Lover


phoenixmoon Romance

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She didn't know his name, his age before she saved him in a dark alley. However, he ruined everything for her. He broke her wings and made it impossible for her to fly.

When he was lying in the garbage covered in blood, he saw a white angel come up to him. He was hopelessly in love with her. He can give her anything, including his life. He loves her in his own way but pushed her further and further away.

When he saw her jump into the sea, his heart died. He vowed to find her as long as he lived.
Where their fates go?
Some day, this is going to end.


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Ethan’s POV


I sat in the office after coming back from the hospital. I was shocked at Gaea’s recovering memories and she had remembered everything including our past. There is a lot of document that are waiting for me to handle. However, I have no idea now.


I had always refused to touch the dusty memories t……