The Beta's Broken Mate


Cat Smith Paranormal

39688 reads

Cassie has always done her best for her stepmother and horrible half sisters. Even with a son no older than two years old she cooks, cleans and tends to their every need, always at their mercy since her father died just before her son Liam was born.

For her son's sake she keeps her mouth shut and endures their endless taunts and abuse, fearful of being thrown out with nowhere else to go. She's only 21 but already she feels older. Her stepmother treats her like a servant and so do her half sister's which stings even more.

One night she finishes a dress so beautiful she can't help but put it on and go for a walk in the forest around their humble cottage where she meets up with a wolf who will change and transform her life forever, that is if she'll let him.


Tags: possessiveshifteromegatwistedbxgheavyfemale leadpackabuselonelyDreame Love Story Contest
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Cassie sat on the veranda, her ankles swollen and her stomach feeling heavy as she settled into the chair. She watched as the three triplets played happily amongst themselves. They were now five years old and close as anything to Cassie and Cody's delight. Christina and Calliope adored their brother and the feelings were definitely mutual. It……


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