Billionaire's Escort


A.U Suspense/Thriller

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Theme - Fall for a billionaire in the Stary Writing Academy III contest

I turned around and was met with a sight I’d never forget. In front of me stood none other than Kimberly. Her hair was wet and hung loosely over her shoulders.
Her naked shoulders.
I let my eyes roam further down her body, taking it all in. Her round breasts were covered in a red strapless bikini top matching the red bottoms she was wearing. Her n*****s were showing through the fabric due to the air-conditioning in the penthouse which made my c**k twitch in excitement. All that naked skin yet my eyes were focused on the two places that weren’t barred to me. The two places I longed to touch, to feel, to taste.
“Where have you been?” I asked, my voice deep.
“The pool.”
She answered slowly almost sounding hesitant.
With two big yet unsteady steps, I was right in front of her. I was so close I could feel her hot breath on me.
“What are you doing?” she stuttered.
“This is all your fault,” I slurred as I took a few steps forward making her take a few back until she couldn’t walk any further.
Her back was now pressed against the wall. The dim lights hitting her wet skin made it glisten.
“You’re drunk,” she stated taking in my appearance.
“You’re damn right I am.”
I rested my left arm on the wall and lowered my head until my lips were right next to her ear.
“And it’s all because of you.”
“The way you talk to me, especially when you show me that you aren’t scared of me or my position. The way you aren’t scared even though you know that I with one flick of my finger could ruin your entire life,” I whispered as my finger ran down her cheek, onto her neck, and stopped just above her chest. “The way you look so damn sexy without even trying. It is excruciating.”
I watched her suck in a breath as I let my hand travel down her side and rested it on her hip.
“The way your body reacts to mine. You want it even though you know you shouldn’t, just like I do.”

- Kimberly, an escort girl working at Millionaire Match, gets the job of her life when she is rented as the hottest bachelor Landon Wallace's date for his mother’s charity week.
A week filled with high society gatherings, dinners, dances, drama, and highly unexpected events.
A jealous ex-girlfriend who'll stop at nothing to get Landon back, a hidden past feeding a murderer's lust for the blood of escort girls, and a flourishing love no one saw coming.


Tags: billionairepossessiveindependentCEOdramabxgcitysassyprostituteseductiveStary Writing Academy III
Latest Updated
Chapter fifty-one

Kimberly’s POV

It was impossible. There was simply no way for her to know about this. I had kept it hidden, kept my paychecks and bank accounts away from my mother to make sure that it would never slip, and yet here we were.

“I… I-I.”

I couldn’t form a word, any less form a full sentence. 


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