Forced love of lucifer

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she tried to run away from me but my guards drag her back. that fucking bitch really knew how to push my buttons. I chunk her hairs and drag her towards the crowd, almost half of the village standing in that crowd but I don't fucking care. her parents are begging me to leave their daughter, her mom is lying in my feet, his dad is trying to free himself from my men's grip but it's useless. her head is burning in pain, he is digging his nails in her body.she is crying so badly and cursing herself for dragging her parents in this mess.
" today ill destroy this and made you woman, I'll tear your v****a and deflowered so brutally. you'll fucking beg me to stop but the more you beg me, the harder I f**k this p***y," said Lucifer with hungry eyes lust for her body is clearly visible on his face. she tried her best to go away from him but he forcefully parted her legs and shoved his monster-like length ide her. he was right that day he destroyed her completely and her parents saw how Lucifer raped their daughter so brutally so...


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