Waiting for you (a love story beyond imagination)

Ankita Ghosh Paranormal

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This story is about a boy who suddenly remembered the girl whom he left behind a long time ago. What happened when he goes to meet her after 5 long years? Many secrets were there to disclose with heartbreaks and love.

This is a paranormal love story so there will be A lots of things that don't make any sense and it's a short story of 5 to 6 chaps.


Tags: MuslimFamilyHinduGoodgirlSensitiveNeighborChildhood CrushTragedy
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Aahil is sleeping deeply without giving anything a care. After a long time he is sleeping this peacefully.

"Aahil, wake up," Arzoo's voice came

"Aahil wake up please," Arzoo said again

Aahil open his eyes to see that Arzoo is standing there. He woke up and sat on his bed in indian style.