Claire: The Forced Virgin of the Billionaire


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Claire thought she could just sell her virginity to some man and make enough money to get to go the college of her dreams.

Little did she know a Billionaire, devilish beast would ruthlessly take her innocence and then never let her go.


"P...please, let me go, you only bought me for a night." Claire cries out to the man ripping off her panties and plunging his fingers into her dripping pu**y.

"Admit it, you like being roughed up and fuc*ed......hard and rough. Don't you my little minx? You're already soaked for me. Come on baby." Azriel growled out, thrusting his c**k into her wet cunt.

Claire cried out, ashamed for being turned on by him forcing himself in her.

Azriel smacked her ass...hard, she knew very well what that meant. His di*k slapped against her slick folds, making her pus*y clench as she was nearing her climax.

"I'm warning you, Claire." He huskily whispered in her ear, slapping her ass once again as she cried out in pain

Claire knew she had to obey or the consequences would be far worse than this.

"Please Daddy, make me c*m. Yes....right there....fu*k...harder." Claire whimpered, dwindling between pain and pleasure as Azriel's co*k pounded into her wet core repeatedly, making her pu**y ache.

"f**k", Azriel groaned as he came, filling her pu**y and ass with his c*m. Claire just laid still on the table.

"You are mine. None of those college boys will ever have their di*k inside that exquisite pu**y or ever get to see those gorgeous t*ts of yours." Azriel said, his voice, his voice dangerously deep as he caressed Claire's back.

Claire was left utterly confused by Azriel. Sometimes he was horrible to her but then he would be so sweet to her like she was the only girl in the world for him.

Claire can't ever know if he is the beast who just loved to fu*k her or her one true lover?


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