CODE X 777

Ryusensei2000 Science Fiction

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Humans have become an endangered species in the future. It's the fall of the human empire and rise of Kastrians. Imagine what if a help from future comes to the past to save us from a disaster that wiped off the human race from Earth in the future.

"Go to the past, find me and kill me."

And there surely are shocking surprises waiting here, in the past, for everyone. The rescue code is CODE X 777.
What does that even mean? We tend to explore the universe to find allies, but what would we do if we really do encounter extraterrestrial life? Are we the only ones searching? Join this ane journey of Asselyum, a primitive robot, and her team who will fight agat their biggest enemy to unravel this code-Themselves!


Tags: darktime-travelbraveconfidentdramahumorousmysteryscaryself discoverWriting AcademyWriting Academy
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