Rebirth- Daphne’s Revenge

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In the dead of night, a big van was parked outside an abandoned factory. Screams came from the factory. "let me go! You animals... Do you know who I am... Ah! How dare you do this to me... When I have a chance, you must die... "
Seven or eight vagabonds tied a well-dressed woman to a post with a rope. The woman was disheveled and no longer dignified. She was disfigured with tears of fear. She kept struggling, scratching the ropes with both hands and kicking the men in front of her, but her strength was too small and she was soon restrained. Her hands were tightly tied, and her legs were stretched wide by the two men's grasp, left and right.
"Honey, Honey, get up! Get up or you'll be late for school!"
How's that?
This is... Mom's voice...
How could I hear my mother's voice... Am I not dead? How can I still hear my mother call me?
Daphne opened her eyes slowly, focusing them. She sat up and looked at everything around her, pink curtains, lace pajamas, a desk full of papers and books, the whole room was simple and warm. This is... Isn't this her bedroom?


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