Surrendering To the Dragon

Emma Mountford Paranormal

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No one says no to the Oracle. No one.
And that’s how Ami finds herself the fake fiancé to the ufferable welsh dragon David “Dewi” Llewelyn. They need a witch to protect his young son and for some reason she’s it.
David is everything she hates, to overbearing, to dominating and to full of himself except the dominating thing is kind of a turn on if she’s honest.
She’s there to protect his son and nothing else. She won’t be swayed by his devilishly handsome face, no matter how much her body wants him.

David has other ideas. He wants the little witch in his bed, he knows he shouldn’t be pursuing her for real and he definitely shouldn’t be falling for her.

Especially when he knows she will hate him forever when she finds out who is he really is.


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