✔ Protecting Ellie! (Werewolf) (Rated-R) ✔

Vampire Whore Paranormal

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After a lovely evening with a man she met online, 17-Year-old Ellie is drugged and raped down a dirty Alley while on Summer vacation with her family in Hawaii. All she remembers before blacking out, Is a group of large dog-creatures attacking her rapist.

Waking up in Hospital the next day, A mysterious man is there with her. As the o be friends, She learns how he and his ''dogs'' saved her that night, but there is much more to that evening's events than Ellie realises.

How will she react when she learns Michaels secret and what really happened that night?

(Warning! This story is Rated R for Detailed Scenes of Rape and Violence)


Tags: murderrevengealphadarkrapesexage gapforced
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