A Pirate's Love.

Chane van der Walt Fantasy

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A Pirate's Song - Book Two.

We were left with so many questions. Here we will find the answers and perhaps a new romance or two. What is a heart of the sea? Why is Neptune after Evangeline? Will Ben find love? Will Evangeline and Caleb's love be strong enough for book two of the 'Pirate's' series?


Tags: AdventureLove-trianglePossessiveArrogantDominantWitchDramaBxG
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Chapter Twenty-Two.

I was constantly fading in and out of consciousness, my eyes opening ever so slightly in the chilling embrace of the water only to fall shut moments after. Each time I would see faces, faces I had never seen before yet there was something so familiar about them. The face of a middle aged man with greyish hair and furious, power hungry sea green ……