A Mermaid's Heart.

Chane van der Walt Fantasy

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A Pirate's Song - Book Two.

We were left with so many questions. Here we will find the answers and perhaps a new romance or two. What is a heart of the sea? Why is Neptune after Evangeline? Will Ben find love? Will Evangeline and Caleb's love be strong enough for book two of the 'Pirate's' series?


Tags: AdventureLove-trianglePossessiveArrogantDominantWitchDramaBxG
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Chapter Thirty-Seven.


Mary was unlike anything I had ever seen, quick, fierce and precise like an arrow shot from a bow, always striking the center of its target. They were two gods about to clash, something powerful enough to tear the world around them apart, to leave it to ruin, burning in the wake of their battle. Vulcan struck first, racing forward……