Their Troubled Love

Angelica Guijon Paranormal

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Demetrio or Dem as many call and know him by is a funny and caring vampire. He is an Elite Guard Member of the Vampire Clans. His best friend, Karime is the Luna of the Yellow Moon Pack. Dem is the great guy that everyone loves and wants to be around. Everyone but his mate, Fae, an omega of the Yellow Moon Clan. Fae refuses to accept him and he has given up trying to convince her of his love. But circumstances are sending him back to the Yellow Moon Clan, to seek assistance.

Fae has been an Omega of the Yellow Moon Clan ever since she was a young teen wolf. She has always loved working for Alpha Damian and recently for Luna Karime. Through Luna Karime, she met Sir Demetrio, her mate. Even though she uses the pretense that her older brother, Patrick, would never allow her to be with a vampire, that is not the truth. The truth is Fae is hiding an even deeper secret. A deep, dark secret that no one knows about. A secret she can never tell anyone or those she loves will die.

Will Dem finally accept that Fae does not want him and let her go? Will Fae go agat the evil that is threatening her and let Dem into her heart? Will true love win in the end? Read to find out!!!

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