The Seven Kings


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Long ago, there were seven Kings who took the crown, they split the power to keep their brotherhood stronger. Since then, there have always been seven King's. They share everything: power, castles, wealth and even wives.

Jane Lei Eisley is an orphan, heavily in love with her childhood friend Nathaniel and her freedom which she wouldn't trade for any gem.

When Jane catches the eye of not one, but three King's, she's quickly torn from her life of comfort and set to marry one of the rudest of the King's. The King who refuses to choose a wife, therefore forced to marry someone of the other Kings' choosing.

Leaving her life, her love and her freedom behind, Jane is set to make this marriage work. She never wanted a loveless marriage, and she won't let an arranged marriage get in the way of that.

Can the orphan girl with a hatred toward the royalty lifestyle possibly love a rude and selfish ruler?


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Chapter 50: Read Them

Twenty Years Later

Dracula's POV

"Of course I did, yes, I know." Running my hand over her hair, I watched her beam up at me before wrapping her arms around my neck in the perfect way she does.

"Alright, okay, Nathaniel, I told you I've got it." I tried to let him know he could trust me, that he should know I have all his……