Coming Back as a bad girl

SummerFlower Romance

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The Red Wedding.
Poisoned at her own wedding, Laura Carter died full of hatred for her father and fiance. How could she accept that they murdered her?
Laura gaped at Sally Carter, her step-sister, who was now laughing at her stupidity.
Monsters. They are all monsters. She thought.
With rage and tears, Laura closed her eyes.
Yet, God gives her a second chance and she is allowed to come back to seek revenge. This time, by the name of Furies, she will not be so naive.


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Laura was holding her cuddling teddy, watching TV, but rather absent-mindedly, while taking a glance at the clock now and then. It was now almost eleven. He should be home soon. She thought.


Time seemed to go so fast when he was around. The two would talk, watch a film, play. There was never a dull moment wh……