A Zombie's heart (BL)

Blacky Rose Science Fiction

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In an apocalyptic world where survival of the fittest, to survive in the apocalypse, you will need food and shelter, but to feel alive you will need more than that.

Jack, abused, broken, humiliated and left to die in his original world, made a desperate deal to be sent to an apocalyptic world, just to have another chance to be with his loved one, only to be met with years of suffering, before he could make his wish true in his second chance.

Sam, a normal unfortunate college student, turned to a zombie on the first day of the apocalypse only to suffer for years, before he got another chance in life after he met with Jack, who gave him hope.

Follow the life of Jack and Sam as they try to survive in a cruel and broken world.

[WARNING]: This story may contain:
graphic scenes of violence
s****l content (manxman)
mature themes
strong language

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